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4 Phone Apps That Will Make You Smarter


Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, we spend more time on our phones than we should. In this generation, regardless of where you go, there’s a very high chance you will face a huge crowd of people walking around looking like zombies with their faces buried into their iPhones. Instead of b*tching and complaining about how dumb and unproductive our obsession with phones is (because let’s be honest here, technology is only getting more advanced so I’m pretty sure this trend isn’t leaving anytime soon), try to be more positive and take the time to appreciate how convenient and practical certain mobile apps can be.

Since we’re constantly hooked to those little screens anyway, why not turn the process from mindlessly scrolling through our Facebook news feed to using productive apps that can teach us something new and essentially, make us smarter. Some apps have been carefully designed with scientific games that can boost working memory, enhance focus, improve reading and writing abilities and increase overall mental performance. Next time you find yourself bored during your commute to work, whip out that phone and start playing one of these 5 awesome apps:

  1. Eidetic

This is an app targeted at those who particularly want to boost and improve their memory capacity. Not only has technology made us lazier, but it’s arguable that it has even worsened our ability to remember and recall information. Have a meeting next week? Set a reminder. Have to pick up the kids after work? Add it to your phone calendar.

Eidetic will actually train your brain to be able to digest and recall pieces of information, leading to improved working memory. The app uses a scientific technique known as spaced retention to do so and trust me, it’s worth a try.

  1. TED

Surely you’ve heard of TEDTalks before. Well, be happy to know that they do offer a mobile app that gives you access to the entire TED library. You can watch videos of some of the smartest, most entertaining and most innovative people in the world giving short presentations about “ideas worth spreading.”

This one is perfect for those of you who are auditory learners and prefer listening to (smart and inspirational) people talk about a topic than read an entire page about it. It’s available on both Android and iOS and of course, is completely free.

  1. Personal Zen

Stress is undeniably one of the worst things that our brains go through. When we experience anxiety, a hormone known as cortisol is released in the brain – this is basically toxic and leads to clouded, irrational thinking. Dr. Dennis created this game called Personal Zen to help us differentiate between positive and negative energies and to help control anxiety. Having tried this (rather cute) game myself, I must say that it does work to reduce stress and physical tension after a few times. You can play it during times of stress or you can start to play it when you know you’re going to have a bad reaction to something in the near future. Habitual use of this game will lead to stronger coping skills to stress and anxiety.

  1. Lumosity Brain Trainer

Our number one choice is without a doubt, Lumosity Brain Trainer. Lumosity is designed under the idea of neuroplasticity – which is when our brain changes its structure through practice and repetition of certain behaviors.

This app was engineered carefully by neuroscientists to mostly help improve memory and focus. Not only are the games beneficial towards our overall cognitive function, but they’re also fun and super addicting. The colorful graphics will have you hooked and the timed exercises will give you that thrilling adrenaline we get from only the best of games.

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