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4 Study Tips to Maximize Your Exam Grade

4 Study Tips to Maximize Your Exam GradeWe all know at least one person who has terrible exam habits. They wait until the last day before the exam before they start studying, resulting in a sleepless all-nighter – coming to school the next day all cranky, and not being able to remember the things they’ve studied the whole night. Chances are, they probably weren’t even able to cover the majority of the topics. Chances are, they probably weren’t even able to cover the majority of the topics. Yes, we all know that one guy. You don’t want to be that guy.

The good thing is, even if you aren’t that guy, there are a few tips that you can learn that will greatly improve your study habits and give you a better edge when finals week comes. Let’s turn that C into an A. Here’s how:

  1. Make the topics your own. Chances are, your teacher’s PowerPoint slides or textbook material is a little too complex to understand. Read them aloud, ask some help from your friend Google, and when you’ve finally come to the conclusion of what something actually means in simple terms, reword it be able to understand it better. Proceed to write it down. This way, when you need to revise later, you’ll quickly remember the gist of the information you need to study for. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn it more efficiently when it’s worded like how you would say it.
  2. Ask questions. Most students feel hesitant to ask questions in a lecture. Maybe you don’t want to interrupt the lecturer. Maybe you don’t want to seem like the idiot that needs things spelt out to him to make him understand. Be as it may, if you want to have a better grade, ask for a better explanation. Keep asking questions until you completely understand everything that you need to. As in the tip above, write it down in your own words once you’ve understood. However, if you absolutely feel that you do not want to interrupt the lecture, why not talk to them at the end of the class? Or visit them when they’re in their office?
  3. Quiz yourself. When you feel like you’ve completely understood the topic, to the point of expertise, start asking yourself questions regarding the topics. Test your own understanding. See what kinds of questions you’d be able to answer with your knowledge. You might just find that there are some gaps in what you know which you can improve upon. Never go to the next topic until you’re confident you can tackle any question thrown at you.

Create a study plan. Create a study plan that’ll actually allow you to study all the topics you need before the exam. With this in mind, we suggest incremental studying. Don’t leave all the material for the exam week. 10 topics to study in 10 weeks is better than 10 topics to study in 1 week. Additionally, allow for some allowance in case something important comes up. By the time the exams come around, you need only revise a little on what you already learned. While your unprepared classmates stay up all night, you can be sure to be catching the Z’s.

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