Albert Einstein: The Brain of a

Albert Einstein: The Brain of a Genius

Albert Einstein: The Brain of a GeniusThroughout history, there have always been those that are brighter, smarter than others. We know for example, that Albert Einstein was a genius. What made him the way he was? Was there a genius gene in play? Is there actually a difference in the brain anatomy of geniuses than that of a normal brain?

A recent discovery was made that speculated that Albert Einstein, the great physicist, actually had an unusually well-connected brain. This new information was formulated from a set of 14 photographs of Einstein’s brain taken after his autopsy.

Prior to the discovery, two photographs of the medial surfaces of the brain were requested by the East China Normal University to do research on. The team discovered that the thick bundle of nerves that connected the left and right hemispheres, called the corpus callosum, was thicker than the average brain’s. The greater thickness means that there are more nerves, and therefore, more and greater connections.

This isn’t the only study about the brain of Einstein, though. In 2012, Dean Falk from Florida State University also wrote a paper noting the atypical components of the brain. Included in these peculiarities were an “extraordinary prefrontal cortex,” unusual parietal lobes, and extended somatosensory and visual cortices.

It is the prefrontal cortex that is related to abstract thinking and creativity, while the parietal lobes were the ones that resulted in his mathematical finesse. What scientist theorize, however, is that it might have been the former that had a more important role in his breakthroughs. Einstein was not only a genius, but also incredibly creative. And it is also speculated that it is his creativity that cause him to piece together the puzzles to relativity.

But it should still be noted that it was the complementing combination of these incredible regions that made Einstein the genius that he was – let’s also not forget that these two regions communicated extremely well.

Further study still needs to be conducted, however, to truly understand how the anatomy of a brain can link to extraordinary mental capabilities. Remember these are all just theories, though. But maybe this research will provide insight and a useful stepping stone for future studies that try to understand how a genius’ mind really work.

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