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Brain Meditation

brain-meditationA lot of people in many places around the world practice mind-and-body enriching programs such as yoga and meditation. Their reasons may be varying, but usually something many of them can agree on is the health benefits from practices as such.
It’s okay to be skeptical, of course. As I, for the matter am quite skeptical on the whole fad as well. However, interesting to note is that scientists now report that people who meditate may actually benefit from changes in their brains. They were substantial findings.
A researching team from Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an experiment in that spanned for 8 weeks in which the brains of participants who were asked to take meditation regimens, were compared side by side with the brains of the control group. The results from the study showed that those who meditated for at least 30 minutes a day during the span of the experiment benefited by having measurable changes in gray-matter density in the portions of the brain that had to deal with empathy, stress, self-consciousness, and memory.
Don’t you feel like meditating now?
Let’s try.
To practice meditation in its simplest form, find a quiet place to sit. It’s important to be in solitude. It doesn’t matter how you sit, but make sure you’re comfortable. Close your eyes and let everything else drown out. Start taking slow, deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. Keep your mind as blank as possible, and if thoughts flow in, let them simply flow out. Keep concentrating on your breathing and when you feel that your mind is completely blank, you’ll start to feel warm and fuzzy inside. You are now meditating.
And that’s it! Are you feeling better now? You should be! There are apparently so many benefits to meditation, and the way it affects you mentally is only one of the positives you get from it. With a little time and concentration, imagine how your body will feel in a few months time. I don’t know about you, but the studies conducted added to the many “user reviews” give me a very compelling argument of why I should be meditating more often – I think I just might.

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