Devoid Yourself of the Victim Mentality: Stop Complaining!

Devoid Yourself of the Victim Mentality: Stop Complaining!

Devoid Yourself of the Victim Mentality: Stop Complaining!Wikipedia defines victim mentality as:

“an acquired (learned) personality trait in which a person tends to regard him or herself as a victim of the negative actions of others, and to think, speak and act as if that were the case – even in the absence of clear evidence.”

Does this sound like something that you do?

Sometimes we often find ourselves being mistreated, especially when situations just aren’t favorable for us or going our way. This happens to everyone. The problem most people face is how they handle and deal with it, and unfortunately, there are people who deal with it by attributing their problems to someone or something else. While in some cases, this might actually be true, but when you complain about something, you are making yourself a victim.

It really is quite a simple equation to deal with this, and in every instance that you may think about complaining, you have in your hand three options: you leave the situation, you change the situation, or you accept the situation.

Everyone suffers time and time again, and undoubtedly, we have at least in one occasion suffered due to the wrongdoing of someone else. But instead of complaining – which in itself is also mostly a useless thing to do – why don’t you actually go and do something about it. If you analyze what has happened and look at the possibilities, you might actually find that there are so many things that you can do to make your problems go away.

While some solutions might not be exactly ideal, it will open up even more possibilities and perhaps, you will be able to look at things in a completely different light – which is never a bad thing. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Learn to control it and use your mental energies where it should be – as a weapon.

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