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Q: What is a nootropic?

A: Nootropics are a sub-study of chemistry and pharmacology. The birth of nootropics was in the 1960’s, when a lot of research was done on how certain extracts and chemicals affect the brain.

 Q: What was the original nootropic?

A: The first supplement to be named a nootropic was Nootropil, which is made up of piracetam. Since then, further studies have confirmed that there are numerous nootropic ingredients that can be blended together to make the best brain enhancer.

Q: What is the difference between supplements that have similar ingredients? Aren’t they all the same?

A: You might see bacopa, vinpocetine, GABA, and choline listed on many brain supplements. These ingredients have been independently tested, and there is plenty of scientific proof to show that these ingredients lead to a better brain. The difference is in the quality of the extract and the specific blend.

Q: Are all extracts created equal?

A: According to numerous external studies, as well as our own, certain supplements list a certain amount of their ingredients, but the quality is harder to tell. Unfortunately, many brain pills put powder of certain plants into the pill. This low-grade powder does little to nothing for you. High-end extracts are expensive to produce, and often lead to a somewhat expensive pill.

 Q: How much should a high quality supplement cost?

A: From out experience looking at supplements, as well as calculating the wholesale and retail pricing for the ingredients, a bottle of high quality supplement for the brain should cost around $40 – $50. Anything cheaper probably has been filled with plant byproducts. Anything much more expensive, and you are looking at either a pharmaceutical or a fake.

 Q: Who manages this website? Why did you start it?

A: A group of medical professionals were discussing the explosion of dietary supplements one day and decided to put out credible information on the variety of cognitive enhancers out there in the market. The recommendations on this website are meant to be unbiased.

 Q: I see many bottles of pills have 60 pills each. Will this last me for 2 months?

A: This is an important thing to consider. Each supplement has a different number of pills in it. Most have 60 pills per bottle, but some others come in quantities as low as 30 or as much as 90. One might think that a bottle of 30 pills would last for 30 days / 1 month. However, this is almost never the case. Most supplements have recommended dosages of 2 pills per day, but some can be up to 12 pills per day. Stay away from pills with high dosages.

Q: Are these supplements safe to take with a multivitamin like Centrum Silver?

A: Yes, all of the brain supplements that we have reviewed or discussed on this website are safe to be taken with a common multivitamin.

 Q: Can I take these supplements while taking other supplements?

A: Each brain supplement has its own warnings and precautions, so it is important to consult the manufacturer of the specific pill you are concerned with. Many supplements have a cholinergic effect which will give users the feeling of taking a stimulant, although many of these supplements do not affect the adrenal system at all.

Q: Where are these supplements made?

A: We only review supplement that are made in the United States. All of these products come from labs and factories that have been approved by the US governmental agencies overseeing each part of the manufacturing process.

Q: Is it safe to take brain supplements with coffee?

A: Many of the people who have written to us take their brain pills with coffee in the morning. This can work well, but we recommend taking a caffeine pill with certain supplements that do not have caffeine in them. Separating the nootropic ingredients from the caffeine is a good idea, so that people can have the boost of caffeine if they want to.

Q: Are these supplements safe to take with metabolizers?

A: Specific medical advice should be sought from your local practitioner, but we do not recommend taking these supplements with any product that has significant Ephedra in it.

 Q: Will you review “x” ?

A: We want to review the supplements that have made the biggest impact on the world and the people who take them. If you have a cognitive enhancer, nootropic, or supplement that you want us to review, please send us a message by using the contact form on the contact page.

Brain Pill Reviews Editors Choice

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