Is College for Everyone? Brain Pill

Is College for Everyone?

Creating a life for yourself has never been easier today in the 21st century. For a very long time, there has been a large focus on whether you go to college or not. If you’ve gone to college, you’re bound to be successful, you have a spot in a company, but if you haven’t gone, you’re going down the wrong path. As we were growing, our parents tried to convince us on what course or major we would be going into when we hit college, but now, it seems like we have a lot of options available out there aside from taking the standard 4-year route.

Is-College-for-EveryoneIn this day and age, we are now presented with a vast number of options from which to proceed with after receiving a high school education. From heading right into work or starting your own business, the possibilities really are endless. As competitive as the workforce market is becoming, some reckon that pursuing a conventional 4-year degree might not be wise. In fact, a quarter of college grads are in jobs don’t even need a degree.

However, all of this of course depends on your life goals. Whether you decide to start a business, or pursue valuable experience immediately out of high school – it depends on what you want to ultimately achieve, and how prepared you are to actually go out there for yourself.

But to answer the underlying question that everyone is facing, no, college is not for everyone. In fact, many experts do not even agree that there is a need. Of course, for some courses, such as in medicine, engineering, and finance, it would really pay off to get a degree. However, those aren’t really normal ‘4-year courses’ either. If you’re thinking about taking one on art, social sciences, or psychology, though, you might be better off starting early and getting some real-life valuable work experience.

The world simply isn’t the same anymore as it used to be. Today, businesses are getting an overabundance of college graduates carrying a bachelor’s degree that simply having one is quickly losing value. Just because you’ve managed to finish 4 years of college doesn’t mean you’re qualified to do a job. Perhaps, what would be better advised is to actually just get an internship and work your way up.

It might be against what is being said in media and what we’re taught to but you’re not alone. The workplace is fast evolving – so should you.

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