Promising Brain Enhancement Technology to Revolutionize the

Promising Brain Enhancement Technology to Revolutionize the World?

Future for Brain Enhancement ans neuroscienceBy now, it would almost be extremely accurate to say that the 21st century, in these modern times, we’re at humanity’s peak of technological advancement and neurological discovery. Every single day, there are new secrets being uncovered about the complete mystery that is the brain and how we can further optimize it through brain enhancement. It’s really interesting how we’ve already learned so much about what’s out there light years away from earth, of the cosmos and the observable universe, yet we’re still today dumbfounded with the 3-pound lump of mass inside our heads.

With each passing day, there are newer and newer discoveries on the brain, but one of the most prominent, most interesting things that has seen a lot of attention in the last decade has been brain enhancement. These come in the form of many different products and services available out there, but some have seen much more popularity than others.

In an interesting article by the Atlantic, named The Not-So-Distant Future When We Can All Upgrade Our Brains, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) discussed a ten-year outline on brain enhancement, and while it might simply be a novelty today, how a future where brain enhancement has become a necessity to stay on the top of your game in a very competitive work and academic environment is completely plaus

ible – and at the moment, we are currently walking down that path.

In line with this, it was shown in a CNN report sometime earlier this year that in a survey taken among college students, 34% of respondents admitted taking brain pills, study drugs, and even prescription ADHD medication in an effort to improve their academic performance. It doesn’t stop there, though. Apparently, out of those 34% who admitted they’ve taken study pills before, 92% of them said that they would almost most definitely be taking those drugs again in the future.

These truly are amazing times, with new products, research studies, and trials appearing almost every day in a seemingly unified effort to boost knowledge on brain enhancement.

Nootropics have been up and about for a while now, ranging from its humble beginnings from simply existing as multiple different brain supplements that were mixed and matched in an effort to create the ‘perfect’ solution for optimized mental prowess; to where we’re at now where there exists multiple pharmaceutical companies that have created ‘pre-stacked nootropics’ or the modern brain pill, where a number of different ingredients are included in a single capsule, and consumption of one or two capsules a day is all you really need.

And even straying away from the pharmaceutical industry, game developers are now teaming up with neurological experts and neuroscientists, and are on their way to developing games that can modify the way you think, while promoting the formation of new connections in your brain that never before existed. Such games have shown some promise on increasing memory, focus, and even IQ in some cases. While that might mean that getting a better performing brain might be as easy as playing a game on your smart phone for as little as thirty minutes a day, this form of brain enhancement is still in its infancy, and will still need a lot of development – but a lot could happen in a decade.

Another development on brain enhancement on Kickstarter is actually, a headset that conducts electricity into the brain in the same way shock treatment helps those suffering from epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. It’s another interesting product advertised to gamers that apparently helps by sending electrical pulses into certain parts of your brain, allowing better focus and quicker reflexes. FPS gamers and those who vastly enjoy the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises now have something to look forward to.

In the flash of a few short years, it seems suddenly that everyone has become their own personal expert on brain enhancement, and together, the ‘perfect’ brain enhancer might just soon be realized.

At the moment, it’s just 2015, and although the IFTF did talk about a world where brain pills are unanimously accepted and are necessary in a sort of urban jungle, the forecast is still ten years down the line, and A LOT can happen in those ten years. Twenty years ago, a majority of the people were still on dial-up internet, and ten years ago, we didn’t even have smart phones – the point is, another ten years is a really long time, and that in another decade from now, at the speed of how brain enhancement and technology are accelerating, the possibilities are endless.

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