Maximize the Effectiveness of Your

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Naps

If you are finding that you are on a very busy schedule, involving you having to work anywhere from 12-18 hours a day, perhaps the most undervalued thing that you should start taking is a nap. Perhaps you’re working on a business startup, or you have taken a part time job in the evenings, or you’re just working overtime – regardless which of the above fits you, if you have a very complex schedule, perhaps it would be wise to start utilizing the recharging benefits of taking a nap.

If you really are working around the clock, a lack of sleep can often result to a lack of productivity. And yes, even at 8 hours a day of sleep, if you’re working 14 hours, you might be sleep deprived. This is where napping becomes critical. It will reenergize you and boost your energy levels to above what is expected.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your NapsNumerous studies show that taking a 20-minute nap when you feel mentally and physically drained can actually benefit you greatly. So when you have a 20-minute break, perhaps on your lunch break after you’ve eaten, or on your desk if your boss permits, take a nap. 10-20 minute naps will really benefit you, as they will completely recharge you full of energy. Avoid taking naps longer than 30 minutes, though, as these will lead further into the sleep cycle, and will typically end up with you feeling more lethargic and fatigued when you wake up.

Additionally, another thing that you can do to really bump up the effectiveness of your nap is to drink a cup of coffee right before you take it. While it may sound counterintuitive, it really takes 15-20 minutes before the caffeine enters your bloodstream, so why not time the two together so that the energy you get from caffeine will kick in around the same time you wake up from your nap? When you wake up, you’ll immediately feel refreshed and focused.

In some of the worst hours of the day, sleep may not seem ideal, but can actually be a lifesaver, that will keep productivity and energy levels high – and will most certainly prevent you from burning out.

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