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Our Top 5 All-In-One Solutions for 2016


In the world of nootropics, we basically have 3 different kinds of products:

  1. The Amateur Freshmen – these are below average supplements that talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.
  1. The Good Yet Ordinary – these products contain mediocre ingredients that work, but there’s definitely nothing to be excited about.
  1. The Advanced Whizzes – these contain esteemed formulas with the best quality ingredients that are guaranteed to enhance your cognitive function better than ever before.

Our team’s main job here at BrainPillReviews.com is to ensure that our readers purchase products that truly deserve a spot in category #3. The most common mistake that people make is opting for a cheaper bottle that may work in the short-term, before slowly but surely failing to provide you benefits in the long-term.

This upcoming new year, if you’re looking to increase focus, enhance your memory recall and improve your learning abilities, make sure you shop for the right product because you deserve it. Here’s a list of 5 nootropic supplements in our #1 category that will rock your world:

1) Nitrovit


Starting off the list with our favorite choice to date, please welcome Nitrovit – a product that not only packs in some of the best ingredients we’ve seen, but has also exceeded our expectations during trials. The dedicated manufacturers of this supplement, NeuroLabs is lead by CEO Archie Marks – a man who like many of us, spent most of his life with attention issues, faulty memory and a feeling of disappointment from encountering endless prescription medications. Through his 7-year journey of finding the perfect memory and focus boosting formula, he experimented with and studied nootropics, after which he finally found an effective and safe stack.

Nitrovit’s golden star ingredient is Noopept – this compound is by far the most powerful nootropic available. With a potency 1000x more than your average Piracetam, Noopept has proven time and time again that it can effectively boost working memory, enhance concentration, boost learning abilities, and even improve mood. Noopept works by increasing levels of acetylcholine and BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor), which supports our learning capacity and helps the formation of new neurons, respectively.

Nitrovit also contains well-known ingredients such as Vinpocetine and Huperzine A, both of which are know in the nootropic industry as two of the most successful ingredients in terms of delivering results. NeuroLabs has also made sure to include CDP Choline, one of the best and most expensive forms of choline available, to ensure that users do not experience any unwanted side effects. Suitable for use by almost anyone, Nitrovit is the treat you should give yourself to start the new year.
Click here to learn more about this kickass supplement.

Price: $58.97/month

2) Alpha Brain



Alpha Brain is undoubtedly one of the biggest stars in the nootropic market. The company has sold over 995,000 bottles, which is a pretty good indicator of how much people love the formula. Alpha Brain contains Bacopa – a herb that has been shown to improve memory and maintain overall brain health, Huperzia Serrata – helps make acetylcholine more available in the brain (these are our learning neurotransmitters), and Alpha GPC – a form of choline with high bioavailability that not only supports brain function but can also decrease chances of common side effects such as headaches.

It’s no doubt that their formula is of stellar quality, but to be completely honest, our hearts continue to lie with Noopept for its consistent ability to impress us.

Price: $59.41/month

3) Lumonol



Lumonol is a product manufactured by Avanse Nutraceuticals, a company with a good reputation for its reliable customer service and use of high-quality ingredients. We quickly found interest with Lumonol because of its brilliant formula, which of course contains Noopept. Through our trials here at BrainPillReviews.com, we found that Lumonol worked overtime (it took us approximately 2.5-3 months before seeing amazing results). We noticed lowered levels of anxiety, better abilities to stay focused and a significant improvement in memory recall. The trick with this product is to stay patient – the results will come, but give the formula some time to really settle into your brain.

Price: $59.97/month

4) Ciltep



Ciltep is a nootropic supplement created by Natural Stacks. Its interesting formulation contains Artichoke Extract – which increases mental alertness and may improve long-term memory, Forskolin – this compound helps with learning abilities, Vitamin B6 – an important nutrient that can improve mood and overall mental performance, and ALCAR (Acetyl-L Carnitine) – works by reducing fatigue and promoting a higher sense of vigour.

With these ingredients, Ciltep has shown to meet its promises, which include: boost concentration and long-term memory, enhance mood, improve study/learning abilities, and increase energy levels for motivation. Ciltep would actually be a perfect choice for students, which is why it’s such a shame that the product comes with quite a hefty price tag.

Price: $64.42/month (1.5 bottles)

5) Lucidal


Last but not least, we have Lucidal. This advanced, vitamin-infused, nootropic supplement is the perfect choice for customers who are 50 years and above. The ingredients within the product have been chosen specifically to not only work by improving the function of neural cells and synaptic pathways, but to also maintain the health of neurons and prevent deterioration.

Lucidal’s formula contains compounds with antioxidant properties, which protect our healthy brain cells from nasty radicals, as well as ingredients that boost neurotransmitter (dopamine and acetylcholine) function. You can even use this product to replace your daily multi-vitamin, which saves you from having to buy two different supplements.

Price: $74.99/month

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