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Ginkgo Smart Review: A Ginkgo-centric Nootropic


Ginkgo Smart – although it might initially strike you as a Ginkgo Biloba supplement, it’s actually a lot more than that. Unobvious until you take a closer look, Ginkgo Smart is actually a nootropic. It’s been gaining quite a lot of traction over the last few months, being reviewed by some sites, and has been critically acclaimed for its effects.

It’s an interesting take on the nootropic industry, due to its higher emphasis on the ingredient Ginkgo Biloba, which takes up a whole third of its formula. We haven’t really seen that sort of large emphasis on Ginkgo, but we feel that it might be warranted. Simply put, Ginkgo brings a lot of benefits to the brain as a vasodilator. A vasodilator is a substance that increases blood flow to the body and brain, allowing for better focus, information retention and recall, and enhanced memory. It also brings a number of benefits for your health.

One of the best things that we’ve heard about Ginkgo Smart is the fact that even over extended usage, its effects do not subside. Additionally, it brings many benefits toward actually tackling the problems of ADD/ADHD directly.

Some people also claim that Ginkgo Smart rejuvenates and detoxifies their bodies. They report feeling a more “cleaner” experience in comparison to some other brain enhancers available out there.

Then again, there are also drawbacks. Ginkgo Smart is not nearly as effective at some of the other things nootropics are good for, such as a better mood, clarity, reduction in brain fog, and actually counteracting the decline of aging-related brain disorders directly.

Pro’s and Con’s

– High dose of Ginkgo Biloba brings many, many positive effects
– Better overall blood flow to brain and body
– Many health benefits
– “Clean” brain enhancer

Not as good as some other nootropics in some other brain-related areas

Summary: Great at some points, not so much at others.

Ginkgo Smart succeeds well in some of the effects that Ginkgo Biloba can do for the body and the brain. This is due to the increased attention to Ginkgo in its formula. However, with this, we found Ginkgo Smart to be lacking in some areas as well, especially in those effects not offered by Ginkgo Biloba. Nevertheless, with a great “clean” experience, and many benefits to the body as well, it’s more than worthy for any consideration.

Total Score: (4.5 / 5)
Effectiveness: (4 / 5)
Ingredients: (4 / 5)
Side Effects: (5 / 5)
Value for the Money: (5 / 5)

Brain Pill Reviews Editors Choice

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