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Lucidal ReviewLucidal Review: Another Doctor-Recommended Nootropics Supplement

Do We Need Another Memory Loss Multivitamin?

Our first impressions of Lucidal are positive. The product’s developer is a real doctor (Dr. McCleary) who writes books and creates supplemental products for the brain and the body. However, the focus of this product is memory loss for those who have gotten on in age already. When grandma forgets the keys to the side door or grandpa forgets where the TV remote is, that is when Lucidal is supposed to come in handy. And, who can blame Dr. McCleary anyway – with millions of Americans retiring each year, our population is aging quickly. More and more people will want to regain their cognitive sharpness. Getting old is no fun, so Lucidal may just be the answer. Our Lucidal review examines several aspects of this supplement and ultimately decides to give or not give a recommendation for this product.

Manufacturer of Lucidal

Lucidal is made in the US, but the exact location of the manufacturing facility is unknown, since it is not published. However, according to the website, Lucidal is based in Reno / Lake Tahoe, NV. Lucidal’s website is actually a product page on the website of Dr. McCleary. The domain information shows that the domain was just registered in 2012, but the registrant is private. We were unable to verify whether or not Dr. McCleary actually operates the website or not. McCleary Scientific does have a phone number and an email address that people can use to contact the group.

Lucidal’s Website

Lucidal ’s web presence is professional and modern. It clearly shows off the accomplishments of Dr. McCleary and displays other pieces of information relevant to cognitive health and optimization. The website interestingly references a 3-month clinical trial supposedly done by a clinic in Bangor, Maine. We were unable to confirm that this study happened or not, but the supplement used in the description resembled Lucidal, even though the supplement was not named in the study. The results were published in the Internet Journal of Nutrition and Wellness in 2006. This is not a peer-reviewed medical journal, of course, but someone has either conducted a study or written one to resemble an actual clinical study. The results are positive, but shows that Lucidal is most helpful for those whose age is approaching 70.

Lucidal’s Ingredients

One of our biggest concerns about Lucidal (and something that Dr. McCleary should know about) is that the formula has over 50 ingredients in it. The full list can be found on the website, but there is everything from vitamin B6 to taurine in this supplement. While some people may naively think that this ‘kitchen sink’ approach is best, consider the dosage of each ingredient you need for the body to feel any benefit. The problem is that the amount of the important active ingredients in Lucidal is so small that the brain will not receive any benefit unless you consume half the bottle in a day! Despite the laundry list of substances in Lucidal, we identified one of the more important ones, which is acetyl l-carnitine. Acetyl L-Carnitine is a beneficial substance for people looking for cognitive optimization, as it brings about a potent choline effect.

Pro’s and Con’s

– A very professional-looking website and doctor
– It contains some good ingredients like DHA and fatty acids
– Can order from the website Amazon

– The doctor and scientific study Lucidol links too are fake
– There are only 2 reviews on Amazon, and one is the lowest review score possible – 1 star

Lucidal Cost and Summary

One of the biggest issues we faced, besides the fact that there are too many ingredients in Lucidal, is that one bottle of Lucidal costs $74.99 for a one-month supply. These 90 pills have many substances in them, but we cannot recommend spending the money on this supplement when you could spend half this and buy the ingredients separately or spend $60 or less for a far superior supplement, such as one that contains Noopept. Overall, Lucidal may be bought by some of the older people who do not know better and like the fact that a real live doctor is promoting it, but for those who are looking to boost their memory formation and recall, avoid this expensive option and reach for something better.

Total Score: (2 / 5)
Effectiveness: (2 / 5)
Ingredients: (3 / 5)
Side Effects: (3 / 5)
Value for the Money: (2 / 5)

Brain Pill Reviews Editors Choice

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  1. SalividorDalightful July 8, 2015 12:01 pm / Reply

    This is pretty good. Not quite what I was expecting if I am honest. But it’s helped me to cut down my caffeine consumption, which my doctor told me was needed.

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