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Mind Nutrition Noopept Review: A Replacement for Piracetam?

We’ve been hearing a lot of news and talk recently about this ‘new’ nootropic ingredient called noopept. If you look online there are some really hot discussions on Noopept and whether it is really worth taking or not, but most of the people we’ve managed to talk to and from the various sources online, it’s pretty positive. Noopept is said to be one of the strongest effecting racetams, and has shown quite a lot of evidence that it might just be the best out of them. It’s shown a lot of benefits to improved mood, focus, and memory.

However, it seems that a lot of people are still not convinced, and believe that piracetam might just be slightly more effective. While we can’t say one or another, we can say that according to medical science, each person will feel slightly different effects from the different types of nootropics out there.

Noopept vs Piracetam

There have been a lot of arguments between piracetam and the other racetams against Noopept if you took a look around, but basically, many say that piracetam has just been around for a whole lot longer, and the effects can often be replicated, and thus, is a more viable solution.

On the counterargument are those who really back up the findings from Noopept, which have really been promising as well. Some studies mention Noopept’s ability to even regenerate and rejuvenate some portions of the brain, allowing for a ‘younger’ brain. Noopept is also a more bioavailable version of piracetam, which means that it is more readily accepted by the body.

We have to admit that we weren’t able to test Noopept extensively, but for a short period on it, we were able to feel some interesting effects which included a large increase in focus, as well as clarity. It was very similar to taking Nootropil, but in a way, slightly more intense. We have to say that it wasn’t nearly as effective as some other things that we’ve tried though – especially the newer pre-stacked formulas.

Pro’s and Con’s

– Seems to be more effective than piracetam
– Research shows great potential
– Might even be able to reverse bran degradation

– Not as much supporting research as piracetam
– Other newer pre-stacked formulas are still better

Summary: Good as a piracetam replacement for those who stack nootropics.

While we did find it a bit better than piracetam, these were controlled tests, and need to be replicated numerous times before a conclusive answer can be given. And while it may be better than piracetam, it’s still nowhere as effective as the modern pre-stacked nootropic formulas that are prevalent today. That in mind, Noopept might be great for those who don’t use pre-stacked formulas, as a replacement to piracetam that you can add to your nootropic stack.

Total Score: (3.5 / 5)
Effectiveness: (3.5 / 5)
Ingredients: (3.5 / 5)
Side Effects: (4 / 5)
Value for the Money: (3 / 5)

Brain Pill Reviews Editors Choice

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