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NeuroScience Travacor Review: A Sleep Aid Disguised as a Nootropic.

First Thoughts with NeuroScience Travacor

NeuroScience Travacor is a supplement that has been getting attention in the nootropics industry for its supposed cognitive boosting powers. Some people are taking it to provide more sound sleep, and others are taking NeuroScience Travacor for the taurine boost. Regardless of the reasons why people are taking this supplement, understanding what it does and how it functions is the most important thing we can discover about NeuroScience Travacor.

Our first impressions about this supplement were mixed. On the positive side, NeuroScience Travacor has a high review score on various review sites and also enjoys good reviews on Amazon. This helps us believe that the supplement does work, safely and effectively. However, NeuroScience Travacor seems to not have its own website or e-commerce portal. At the time of this review, NeuroScience Travacor was sold through supplement websites as well as through Amazon and similar sites. Unlike most of the serious nootropic supplements, NeuroScience Travacor is lacking this key feature. We would assume that the manufacturer is just starting out, but this supplement has been around for years. While this is not a deal-killer, buyers should be concerned if the supplement they are considering does not even have its own website from which to purchase.

NeuroScience Travacor Website

There is no apparent NeuroScience Travacor website for us to review, which makes us worry a bit about who is behind this supplement. The world of supplements can provide serious benefit or serious consequences for those who take substances for personal optimization. This is why our review site has proven to be more and more popular – people need help sifting through the mountain of supplements out there. We will re-review NeuroScience Travacor’s website when they decide to get around to design one.

NeuroScience Travacor Ingredients

The ingredients in NeuroScience Travacor are the most interesting part of this entire review. Instead of the usual ingredient list for a nootropic, we found that NeuroScience Travacor contains ingredients that are well-know to induce sleep, not provide mental focus and alertness. NeuroScience Travacor contains several multivitamin ingredients including vitamin C, zinc, magnesium (sleep aid), vitamin B12, folate, and vitamin B6. The active ingredients that form the core of this supplement are taurine, 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP), and theanine.

We had a hard time understanding what these ingredients were doing in a nootropic supplement, since they are well-known sleep aids and anxiolytic substances. Taurine, the ingredient most normally associated with energy drinks like Red Bull, actually works to increase the exercise capacity of those who take it and also provides cognitive ‘clearing’ of the mental pathways. 5-HTP has been included to increase the presence of melatonin and serotonin in the body. While 5-HTP does occur naturally in the body, many people have deficiencies in this substance and need to take supplements for it. 5-HTP can be purchased without a prescription in the US and is primarily used for people afflicted with depression or those with sleep problems. Finally, theanine is a well-known anxiolytic that is also used to calm the brain. Together, these ingredients make up a pretty potent sleep aid. When you ask yourself what sort of nootropic substance you need, it is important to understand that NeuroScience Travacor is not a standard cognitive enhancer. In fact, the only way we could see NeuroScience Travacor being useful for mental activity is if the person taking it was not getting enough sleep. At this stage, it is important to consider that a standard melatonin and magnesium sleep aid may be a better choice.

NeuroScience Travacor Results

We decided to test our own review with a panel test of NeuroScience Travacor. After taking NeuroScience Travacor for 3 days, all of our panelists felt relaxed and ready to sleep. For 4 of our panelists, this became problematic, since taking it after dinner led to an almost instant desire to sleep. For the final panelist, NeuroScience Travacor proved to be more helpful, since it usually took much longer for this person to feel the effects of NeuroScience Travacor after taking it. Everyone’s biology is different, so if you are interested in NeuroScience Travacor, be sure to have enough time scheduled in to experiment with the effects of taking this supplement.

Finally, from a nootropic perspective, we cannot recommend NeuroScience Travacor, since it did the opposite of what we wanted it to do. Instead of feeling more alert and focused, we felt sleepy and ready for bed.

Pro’s and Con’s

– It might be a good multivitamin

– Is only really a multivitamin
– Few, unimportant nootropic ingredients
– Offers no actual enhancement for the brain

Total Score: (0 / 5)
Effectiveness:  (0 / 5)
Ingredients: (0 / 5)
Side Effects: (0 / 5)
Value for the Money: (0 / 5)

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