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Price: $99 / 60 capsules

Procera AVH Review: No Results and Sketchy Science Sink This Pill

First Impressions

Some of our review team members were already aware of Procera AVH after seeing the product in newspaper article advertisements. There were quarter-page and half-page advertisements taken out in several newspapers in our area, with claims that showed a “US surgeon general candidate” endorsing the pill. There were some other elements of the ad that we found a bit sketchy, such as the promise to send loads of free items to people who called in to make a purchase. The ads are geared towards people aged 50 and up, so a memory boost was the primary benefit marketed from Procera AVH. Oddly, there is no longer a website for Procera AVH, which was a big red flag for our review team. Overall, we were not impressed by the initial issues we discovered for Procera AVH, but as is our duty, we wanted to give a complete review for everyone to consider.

Marketing Practices

Procera AVH has subscribed to the old school of marketing tactics, including wild claims that it can fix several conditions without giving any clinical proof. Some of the benefits that are hawked to people include needing only 30 days to improve your memory to the state it was 15 years ago. Hopefully, this is not geared towards college students, whose 21-year old brains might be reduced to that of a 6-year old. Procera AVH goes on to claim that it “pumps the brain full of energy,” but we are not quite sure what that means. Getting into the holiday spirit, Procera AVH claims that it will light up your cognitive pathways just like the lights on a Christmas tree. The advertisement continues down the path of general claims such as improving concentration, memory, focus, and other cognitive functions.

More Wild Claims

Procera AVH uses two doctors named Dr. Nemiroff and Dr. Heller. These doctors are real people, but perhaps they have failed in medicine and now focus only on media and TV production. Unless you are Dr. Oz, we are not sure why you would voluntarily leave the field of medicine to do advertisements for Procera AVH. Procera AVH claims that these doctors were once candidates for US surgeon general, but no further information is given for this claim to be verified. While Procera AVH claims that hundreds of medical journal articles have been written by these doctors, between the two of them we could only find 10.

Procera AVH’s Website

Procera AVH’s website was once the target of extreme criticism due to the wild claims it was making on its (no longer existing) website. It once featured one of the doctors giving a fake TV interview talking about the benefits of taking Procera AVH. It even linked to a supposed clinical study that supported Procera AVH’s claims. However, anyone who passed the 5th grade would be able to see that the referenced journal was not even real. The details of the clinical study were not given and the whole thing was obviously false. No positive reviews were listed to support the supposed benefits that customers received from taking Procera AVH. Procera AVH is allowed to make such claims if it can back them up with either clinical trials or with positive reviews. This is the main reason why the Procera AVH website no longer exists. When Google decides that your marketing practices are so bad that it de-ranks your own site, it is time to re-examine your business model.

Reviews of Procera AVH 

Looking through the reviews people have posted about Procera AVH, we actually came across some really positive ones. People have reported feeling more focused and alert without feeling heavy side effects. This is quite a surprise, since taking Huperzine A without Choline typically leads to headaches. However, we were happy to see that this product has worked for a lot of people to better their cognitive function. Big thumbs up!

Price: $35.99 for a 20 day supply.

Pro’s and Con’s

– Cuts through “brain fog”
– May improve focus and memory
– Effectively increases mental alertness without a crash

– Unethical marketing practices (Note: Procera AVH no longer has a website with fake claims).
– Is potentially harmful for people with high blood pressure
– Does not contain Choline, which may lead to headaches

Summary: Go for it, but don’t expect too much

This pill has 3 very solid nootropic ingredients, meaning that it could work effectively to boost focus, memory and mental alertness. However, if you want to play it safe and not experience any side effects, we recommend that you purchase a bottle of Choline as well.

Total Score: (3 / 5)
Effectiveness: (3 / 5)
Ingredients: (3 / 5)
Side Effects: (3 / 5)
Value for the Money: (3 / 5)

Brain Pill Reviews Editors Choice

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