Sharp Mind Review: Completely Overlooked, Yet

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Sharp Mind ReviewSharp Mind Review: Completely Overlooked, Yet High-Quality.

Sharp Mind, by Solaray, is a UK based nootropic, has been created to support cognitive function, memory, focus, concentration, quick learning, and a stress. That’s what’s written on their website, but does it really hold true?

Although not many people have heard of Solaray and their products, we’ve decided to review it simply because of the fact that it’s been gathering a lot of traction lately here in the US. A lot of the emails we’ve received about Sharp Mind have been generally positive. So with the recommendations from our readers, we’ve decided to order a supply for the whole office from Solaray.

We were very pleased to see a Supplement Facts sheet just online – something that many other pharmaceutical companies fail to do. Solaray provided this necessary information, and although most people can wait for the bottle before checking out the ingredients, we were pleased that it was available online, so that if you wanted to, you could easily gauge their effects according to the ingredients included in their formula. That’s something that we do here at, and the fact that we were able to do it, even if it’s a miniscule detail, shows us that they care about their end-users.

The ingredients they have used in their formula include some of the typical things that you find in most nootropics – ginkgo biloba, vinpocetine, phosphatidylserine. However, there are some peculiar ingredients in their formula’s line up as well.

Cat’s claw, for example, is seen in Sharp Mind, and as far as we know, is exclusive to it. Not to be confused with actual cats’ claws, cat’s claw, otherwise known as, uncaria tomentosa, is actually a woody vine found in the tropical jungles of South and Central America. What Cat’s claw does, though, is that it cures fatigue, and has been used to treat Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, and treats a variety of other disorders.

It seems that Sharp Mind has taken a direct initiative to actually counter some brain disorders, apparently, instead of simply helping cognitive processes. However, the fact that they help the brain heal, and affect the immune system to fight off diseases, is something uncommon in the vast majority of nootropics out there.

Similarly, we also see that they’ve opted to use Huperzine A instead of Huperzia Serrata, which tells us the good quality of the ingredients that they are using. It’s not often that a company opts for this route due to the extremely expensive costs of obtaining Huperzine A. Truly, Solaray seems to be a company that cares.

The fact that they aren’t that known will play well for most of our readers due to the fact that they’ve got incredibly low prices at $22 for 60 pills, which lasts 2 months. We know not all our readers have a lot of money to blow, so we take price as a large factor when we review products.

The Results:

When it arrived in the mail, we were quite skeptical due to the incredibly cheap price for a bottle. However, our doubts were soon taken away by the intense learning capabilities that it has brought for us. We were sharper and quicker when it came to our mathematical tests, and that increased over the course of the two months that we were taking it.

We were pleasantly surprised as we felt that our readers’ claims were a bit airy, but we were glad that we were able to try out Sharp Mind.

There were almost no side effects to be reported except from the occasional reader that probably forgot to take Choline to supplement their nootropic, or that they overdosed on the one-a-day dosage recommended for Sharp Mind.


We really enjoyed Sharp Mind. It’s very highly underrated, and a lot of people don’t know about it, but we believe that it’s one of the best options out there in terms of a nootropic that really enhances memory. Its other uses are of focus and clarity, but there are other nootropic supplement alternatives out there that do a better job. However, it is very important to note that it’s only $22 for two months, totaling to $11 for a month’s supply – and that is incredibly cheap, which is good news to some of our readers out there. It has the absolute best value for money in that way.


Brain Pill Reviews Editors Choice

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  1. Jessica Rabbit July 8, 2015 12:12 pm / Reply

    Got my finals next week and I wouldn’t be anywhere near ready without this stuff. Algebra knowledge is actually staying in my head for the first time ever! Good work Solaray.


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