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Quick Office Workout: 6 Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk



If you’re serious about fitness and getting that sexy summer bod, there’s not a second in the day that shouldn’t be used to work towards achieving your dream goals. If you work in a cubicle or have a sit-down job, you shouldn’t let your desk be another obstacle in your way but rather use it to your advantage. Types of simple aerobics and strength training exercises can be done at your desk to prevent the health risks that come from living an inactive and sluggish lifestyle. Sitting on a desk all day is not only bad for your posture and increases the risk of heart attack and heart disease but it also heightens risk of death by 40%. Here are some smart and beneficial “deskercises” you should start practicing at the office tomorrow and during the entire long week.

6. Diagonal Pushups

After placing both hands firmly on the edge of the table, assume a diagonal pushup position and proceed to do twelve pushups. This will not only be of advantage to increasing upper body and arm strength but can also help impress your office crush. #getpumped

5. Razor Blades

Sitting all day with an arched back compresses your vertebrates and tires you a lot quicker not allowing you to preform your best during your work hours. Try standing up, stretching then squeezing your shoulder blades together, holding it for ten seconds. Repeat the process seven to eight times to feel optimal results. You’ll be surprised at how refreshing this simple stretch can be! P.S. While you’re at it, add in some forward and backward shoulder rolls to ease off some tension.

4. Dancing With Myself

Work is not always gonna be fun, get rid of some of your frustration by dancing with yourself. Literally. Just let loose and dance! It can be random, a quick break dance, or even some poppin’ and lockin’. Don’t think bout wether your employees might find you odd because I bet they’d secretly love to join in.

3. Tighten Thy Gluteus

Not all exercises have to be as extroverted, you can keep it subtle by simply squeezing together your butt cheeks and holding for 5-10 seconds before releasing and repeating. It’s a great way to help tone your beautiful bum ready for that bikini.

2. Raise Your Calves, “Moo!”

Get up and stand behind your chair setting both palms on the rim. Afterwards, lift your heels off the floor while making sure your tailbone is tucked in. Doing so will toughen your calves like there’s no tomorrow only adding emphasis to your gorgeous legs.

1. Hoist Them Legs Lads!

If you’re not keen to stop working (or if you don’t wanna make a scene), then this is the exercise for you! Keep on working, go right ahead, but start to lift your legs making a horizontal line then holding it for ten seconds. It’s a fantastic way to burn some extra fat on your thighs as well as tightening your abs!

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