Six Steps to the Best Sleep You’ve Had in Years (Part 3 of 3)

Six Steps to the Best Sleep You’ve Had in Years (Part 3 of 3)

Six Steps to the Best Sleep You’ve Had in Years (Part 3 of 3)Bad quality sleep brings about a number of problems. You increase your chance for heart disease, your immune system is down, and you know, you’re just generally very cranky for the whole day. But aside from that, bad quality sleep also affects your ability to perform in a number of areas: you’re in a very bad mood, you’re unable to concentrate, and at times, maybe even just procrastinate for the whole day.

A lack of sleep, or rather, a lack of quality sleep can be very detrimental to your health and output. So instead of trying to improve with more and more productivity and motivation tips, maybe the solution to your problem would simply be improving your quality of sleep.

In this three-part article, you’ll learn the very best ways to start improving your life by improving your sleep:

5. Try taking a nootropic.

      Some nootropics have ingredients that enhance that your ability to sleep. You are simply more relaxed, in a better mood (although you are sleep), and may even experience lucid dreaming. If you’re already taking a nootropic, it would be interesting to experiment on its effects while you’re catching the z’s. You need to try it – at least for the effects to dreaming alone. Who wouldn’t want to go on their own adventure, do amazing things, and explore the body in mysterious ways? It’s an extremely amazing experience.

6. Cut the caffeine up to six hours before going to bed. Studies show that caffeine up to six hours before going to bed can greatly affect the quality of sleep that you get. Meaning, if you are going to sleep at a very early 9 PM, you need to stop taking coffee as early as three in the afternoon. Of course, it’s unavoidable at times when you need to work late into the night. However, try to avoid it as much as possible. It will definitely improve your quality of sleep, and therefore, your ability to produce fantastic work the next day.

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