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Swearing is Great for your Health: It Reduces Stress

For all of you who have what can be called “sailor mouths”, you’ll be extremely glad to know that your mother was definitely wrong when she told you that cursing and swearing is a sign of a limited vocabulary. Well, really it doesn’t have anything to do with how big your vocabulary is, but it inherently isn’t bad at all for you either – and there is actually evidence to support that swearing can relieve daily stresses that occur in life. In fact, it is quite useful.

Swearing is Great for your Health: It Reduces Stress

When we are subjected to extremely stressful situations, we often swear, but really, there is also something happening biologically when we do: in a way, we are diffusing the tension. In the same way where a kettle starts whistling when there is way too much steam pressure build up inside from boiling water, we swear to relieve internal pressures within us as well when the stressors simply become too overwhelming.

If the kettle did not have that tiny hole to relieve the steam pressure inside, it would explode. While not in the same way, we humans can explode too.

But even worse, a Swedish study, scientists actually revealed that employees who suffer from unfair treatment at work, who had no way to vent and really express their anger, would have double the risk of having a heart attack when compared to someone else who is able to cope.

In similar fashion, a few other researchers also found that swearing actually reduces frustration and stress significantly better and more easily than other forms of de-stressors. But what’s more, swearing actually lifts team spirit among employees as well.

With this information, if you really are in a tight situation where perhaps today, stress has built up A LOT faster than it normally does as negativity, greater workloads, and deadlines just seem to pile on top of each other to no end, perhaps it may just be worth considering letting out a “f*ck, sh!t, or a$$” In fact, why don’t you yell it? I’m sure that will help out a whole lot more.

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