Better Mental Focus from Huffington Post’s Founder Arianna

Tips for Better Mental Focus from Huffington Post’s Founder Arianna Huffington

Huffington-Post’s-Founder-Arianna-HuffingtonOne of the most important aspects to having a very productive workday is being able to focus well on the things that you have to do. Just as you need fuel to power a spacecraft, focus is the driving force to being able to do work productively. It’s what keeps us on the path towards the goal, when so many things are trying to pull us away. Today, we have a very special person – Arianna Huffington, founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post shed some light on her methods to increase your productivity by a few easy things you can do to increase your focus.

While we talk about these tips that allow you better mental focus, the video attached has Huffington talk more about addiction to devices, stress, and burnout. It’s a really good video, and make sure you check it out!

Tip 1. Add another 30 minutes to your normal sleep schedule.
Getting enough sleep grants you a better level of focus throughout the whole day. If you haven’t been sleeping a whole 8 hours, or at least 7 hours minimum, try adding 30 minutes into your sleep schedule. You’ll find that every minute counts, and you will notice it in the quality of work you produce. Skip the extra episode of your favorite show and go to bed early.

Tip 2. Take 5 minutes to meditate.
It doesn’t matter what part of the day you do this, but studies have shown that meditation have a plethora of many different benefits for your body – one of which is that meditation allows your brain to function better and focus more.

Tip 3. Remove all gadgets from your bedroom.
A good idea to get more productive through an increase in focus is by leaving all of your electronic gadgets at the door before you enter your bedroom. This includes your phones, laptops, tablets, and even music players. This will allow you to actually fall asleep naturally, instead of relying of music ‘white noise’ or reading until you fall asleep. In addition, you’ll be more well-rested¸ and since your brain isn’t bogged down by so many distractions, your focus will increase – not only in the bedroom, but also when you finally leave it.

Allow your brain time to recover. You have been staring at a screen the whole day at work, so don’t continue to do so when you get home – you’ll find that the next day, your brain is sharper, you’re able to start things easier, and focus comes immediately – and you’ll be ready to productively tackle the things that need to be done.

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